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Team History

The Bill Lee baseball team was originally formed as an idea between Andy DeRocher, Joe Vesel, and Ralph Lansing in the summer of 2004. Until that point it was unknown that a league existed that could accomodate players of the unique skill level expected of the Bill Lee players. That summer, however, friend of DeRocher and Vesel, Dan Monahan had been signed to play for the Oakcrest Rockers of the Pacific League, and the path was open to discuss building a franchise. Granted an expansion franchise in the MSCR, the captains Vesel and DeRocher set about building a team in the 2004-2005 offseason. Many hopefuls, with erroneous claims of skill and experience were tried out, and the club settled with uneasy optimism into the 2005 season.

After starting out 0-5, however, the club was forced to make changes to remain competetive. First baseman hopeful Ryan Lansing was limited to DH duties, Marcus Mack became the backstop, and the identical twin Chieffo brothers, known for being slow and error-prone, filled the infield corners. In addition, former college standout Ryan K, left the team to be replaced by the athletic Dennis Glover. The changes had an effect -- led by the offense of Monahan and closer Clyde Tedrick, the team made a push to the playoffs, only to lose in the elimination game by consecutive Chieffo errors.

A busy 2005-2006 offseason entailed not only replacing the Chieffo twins, but also Mack, who was traded to Las Vegas, and Tedrick who the club could not afford to retain. Defensive wizard Ryan Meehan and slugger Dan Haueter filled the holes on the right side of the infield, veterans Jeremy Sanford and Tom Howe brought experience, and Matt Allen brings solid defense and a good bat to the catcher slot. After two convincing wins to open the 2006 season, the versatile Nick Bartine was also signed to the club. With Monahan still producing at the plate, the club's future should be rosy. Despite making improvements, the club still feels loyalty towards its former members, who helped out and sometimes tried real hard during what was a difficult, but enjoyable, inagural year.

William Francis "Spaceman" Lee


The Bill Lee is named after former Red Sox / Expos pitcher Bill Lee, who with his on-field antics, outspoken political views, and devestating curveball, held newspaper headlines throughout the 1970s and early 1980s.


  • Won 17 games with a 2.95 ERA in 1973
  • All-Star in 1973
  • Encouraged people to write letters demanding that the 1975 World Series be replayed
  • Threatened to bite off the ear of  an umpire during the same World Series for a call he did not like
  • Claimed that marijuana made him impervious to bus fumes
  • Ran for president in 1988 on the Rhinoceros ticket using the slogan "No guns. No butter.  Both can kill."


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Bill Lee Baseball

Career Pitching Statistics  
Bill Lee 416 225 72 1944.1 2122 885 783 176 531 713 119 90 19 1 1.364 .267 3.62